Course calendar

Level 1

Recognizing the Natural State

The aim of the Level 1 course is for each participant to have a first-hand experience of the natural state of their own mind. Recognizing the natural state is much more than just calming down the restless mind. By applying different techniques, we can experience the clear, calm, pure and fresh characteristics of our own natural state. Master Mindfulness differs from other mindfulness practices because of these techniques. These techniques allow us to recognize the natural state, so that we can acknowledge and release our reactive behaviour more efficiently than with other traditional mindfulness practices.

You will learn the basic Master Mindfulness –practices during the course: Sensing into the body and deep relaxation, HeartSmile, Master Mindfulness Breath exercises, and efficient Physical Dynamic Concentration (PDC).

We will cover The Theory of the Three Bodies during the course, i.e. the physical body, the energy body, and the body-mind. The practice helps us to understand and experience the connection between the thinking mind and our physical body, a connection called the body-mind. We learn to recognize the cognisant and experiencing mind, which is the same as the unchanging natural state.


Level 2

Shifts in Perception – Mindfulness 2.0

Non-dualism means living and being without duality. Dualism (duality) stems from self-based thinking, differentiating the self from others and thus creating a false feeling of separation, or duality. According to the nondual view, all people have the same nature of mind, free from self-centred selfing and that
we therefore are all equals. Stabilizing the nature of mind is achieved with further awakenings. Through these awakenings, we get a first-hand insight into how we can live a nondual life.

On the Level 2 course, your Master Mindfulness-teacher will teach you a method, called the Two-Part Formula (2PF), and guide you to your awakening. When we turn our attention in on the self-based experience, we sooner or later realize that we are
dealing with a bunch of thoughts, emotions, and patterns, that guide our mind and influence our everyday actions. A solid self cannot be found anywhere.

When we awaken, it is a permanent shift that reduces our reactions to outer or inner provocations significantly, if not completely. When the cognisant or knowing mind recognises itself, and realizes there is no solid self, we have achieved awakening.

Level 3

Stabilizing the Nature of Mind

Next level 3 courses in autum 2023

Anyone can experience the first awakening, but seen from the broader perspective, the process of stabilizing the nature of mind is not yet finished. We still need to stabilize, or rather bring back, the nature of mind.

Even if we have seen through the illusion of self, our subconscious mind feeds us with self-based thoughts and beliefs and reacts through conditioned patterns. Therefore, we need a way to stabilize the nature of mind, so that it becomes a comprehensive and continuous experience.

On Level 3, we start to peal off layers of the subconscious mind. The nature of mind, or our true self, has already recognized itself, so the practice is now aimed at stabilizing the nature of our mind. We do this trough Dynamic Concentration (DC) practice. DC-practices enable further awakenings within the awakened mind.