Level 1

Recognizing the Natural State

The aim of the Level 1 course is for each participant to have a first-hand experience of the natural state of their own mind. Recognizing the natural state is much more than just calming down the restless mind. By applying different techniques, we can experience the clear, calm, pure and fresh characteristics of our own natural state. Master Mindfulness differs from other mindfulness practices because of these techniques. These techniques allow us to recognize the natural state, so that we can acknowledge and release our reactive behaviour more efficiently than with other traditional mindfulness practices.

You will learn the basic Master Mindfulness –practices during the course: Sensing into the body and deep relaxation, HeartSmile, Master Mindfulness Breath exercises, and efficient Physical Dynamic Concentration (PDC).

We will cover The Theory of the Three Bodies during the course, i.e. the physical body, the energy body, and the body-mind. The practice helps us to understand and experience the connection between the thinking mind and our physical body, a connection called the body-mind. We learn to recognize the cognisant and experiencing mind, which is the same as the unchanging natural state.

When the busy restless mind meets the clarity and calmness of the natural state, you start to awaken to what is real and what is fiction. By acknowledging our emotional reactions, we are not as susceptible to them. We learn how to change negative emotions to positive. As our reactions and behaviour based on our experienced emotions lessen, our relationships get easier and cause less friction. The unchanging nature of our mind functions as a stable basis for us to be our true self, as we are not carried by our emotions but by the nature of our mind. The true game changer is to realize who or what is experiencing all the emotions, that is when the lights switch on.