Awaken from the sense of self – awaken from self-delusion

The key to finding a deep lasting contentment lies in awakening to who we really are and who we are not.

The Master Mindfulness Method offers you a simple and effective method for this.


Mindfulness 2.0

There is a paradigm shift taking place in mindfulness, where we are shifting from experiencing short glimpses of a clear and calm mind, to a continuous experience of our selfless awareness. The aim is to experience an awakening, a permanent shift that brings forward the natural awareness in our mind.

Mindfulness is used to clear and calm down the body-mind, by focusing the attention in different ways. The stress free, selfless state can be stabilized, so that we do not need to look for it time and time again. This can be achieved by awakening and further consecutive awakenings.

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The Master Mindfulness Method

The Master Mindfulness Method consists of three different courses, guiding you step by step towards permanent contentment.

The Master Mindfulness Method Level 1 – Introductory Course

On the MMM Level 1 course you will learn the basics of the Master Mindfulness Method; this entails techniques and first-hand experiences of the nature of your mind. By the end of this course, you will have an understanding and most importantly several first-hand experiences of the natural state of your own mind.

The Master Mindfulness Method Level 2 – Guidance to Awakening

On the MMM Level 2 course you will learn a method, with which you will see through the belief in a solid self. The goal is to generate a permanent shift in your mind, the first awakening experience.

The Master Mindfulness Method Level 3 – Advanced practices

On the MMM Level 3 course you will get more tools for your continued practice. You will be taught different dynamic tools, such as the use of your physical body and your voice as a part of your deepening practice. These will enable further shifts and insights in your mind.

The MMM Level 1 and MMM Level 2 courses can be taken in any order you like. The prerequisite for participating in the MMM Level 3 course is successful completion of MMM Levels 1 and 2.