Level 2

Shifts in Perception – Mindfulness 2.0

“ MBSR is really meant to be from the non-dual perspective, but grounded in real people and real life.”

– Jon Kabat-Zinn

(Source: Husgafvel, 2019, s.302)

Non-dualism means living and being without duality. Dualism (duality) stems from self-based thinking, differentiating the self from others and thus creating a false feeling of separation, or duality. According to the nondual view, all people have the same nature of mind, free from self-centred selfing and that
we therefore are all equals. Stabilizing the nature of mind is achieved with further awakenings. Through these awakenings, we get a first-hand insight into how we can live a nondual life.

On the Level 2 course, your Master Mindfulness-teacher will teach you a method, called the Two-Part Formula (2PF), and guide you to your awakening. When we turn our attention in on the self-based experience, we sooner or later realize that we are
dealing with a bunch of thoughts, emotions, and patterns, that guide our mind and influence our everyday actions. A solid self cannot be found anywhere.

“ Awakening is the next step in human evolution”

-Eckhart Tolle

When we awaken, it is a permanent shift that reduces our reactions to outer or inner provocations significantly, if not completely. When the cognisant or knowing mind recognises itself, and realizes there is no solid self, we have achieved awakening.