Level 3

Stabilizing the Nature of Mind

Anyone can experience the first awakening, but seen from the broader perspective, the process of stabilizing the nature of mind is not yet finished. We still need to stabilize, or rather bring back, the nature of mind.

Even if we have seen through the illusion of self, our subconscious mind feeds us with self-based thoughts and beliefs and reacts through conditioned patterns. Therefore, we need a way to stabilize the nature of mind, so that it becomes a comprehensive and continuous experience.

On Level 3, we start to peal off layers of the subconscious mind. The nature of mind, or our true self, has already recognized itself, so the practice is now aimed at stabilizing the nature of our mind. We do this trough Dynamic Concentration (DC) practice. DC-practices enable further awakenings within the awakened mind.

The difference between Physical Dynamic Concentration (PDC) and Dynamic Concentration (DC) is that we tense the muscles in our physical body in PDC -practice and in DC-practice we use our
voice. By using our voice and concentration explosively, we can momentarily shatter the subconscious layers of selfing away, so that our natural mind is automatically brought forth. The feeling after DC-practice is extremely refreshed and light.

As we experience further awakenings, our reactive small self gets thinner and thinner. We get to become more and more our true self, day by day.