Master Mindfulness- Method and Instructor Course, 2021-2022, 4 weekends

The Master Mindfulness method has three levels.

Level 1 (weekend 1): Theory of three bodies: 1. physical body, 2. mind/energetic body and 3. awareness/basic state of mind.

Finding natural awareness with basic exercises:

  1. Sensing and relaxing the body
  2. HeartSmile and transformation of the emotional state
  3. Deep breathing
  4. Deep breathing with breath retention
  5. PDC *: Muscle tension with breath retention
  6. Earth and Sky Exercise

* Physical Dynamic Concentration

Level 2 (weekend 2): Mindfulness 2.0 – Seeing Through Me-ness with Two-Part Formula. First shift of perception.

Level 3 (weekend 3): Recognition and stabilization of natural awareness  using Dynamic Concentration/DC exercise. Further shifts of perception.

Weekend 4: How to teach and guide practice, including problems and challenges in practice

In general

As a method, Master Mindfulness, is designed to suit and meet the needs of those familiar and interested with secular mindfulness and practice of meditation. Level 1 and 2 teachings are entirely secular making the method easily approachable. Level 3 discusses buddhism in small degree to offer some context for MM-practitioners.

Master Mindfulness (MM) is in many ways an improved version of secular mindfulness now practiced by millions of people around the world. Like secular mindfulness, Master Mindfulness also increases relaxation, enhances concentration, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep quality, and so on, but as a unique feature, it also reveals a basic state of mind – natural awareness – that is more thorough and satisfying than just experiencing a calm mind. Through this principle, Master Mindfulness enables its practitioners to enter a nondualistic state of mind, devoid of narrow-minded thinking.

MBSR is really meant to be from the non-dual perspective,

but grounded in real people and real life.

And I think a lot of MBSR teachers don’t realize that,

because the people who are teaching them

don’t emphasize non-duality.”

– Jon Kabat-Zinn, Founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction/MBSR

Level 1 practices already enable the recognition of natural awareness. At the advanced levels (2 and 3), the basic state of mind begins to be irreversibly established through the Two-Part Formula and the Dynamic Concentration exercises. Problems and obstacles in practice is also discussed in instructor training.

The principle of Dynamic Concentration is introduced on Level 1. After learning Level 1 exercises, the participants are ready for teaching that brings about a permanent change or shift in one’s mind, on Level 2. Furthermore, after gaining experience – shift of perspective – in Level 2 practice, it will be easy for course participants to approach Level 3 instruction, which introduces further lasting shifts through strong use of voice. All in all, Master Mindfulness gives a huge boost to the practice of a mindfulness practitioner.

Do you think this Mahayana buddhist teaching is important in the way MBSR – or mindfulness – is taught and practised?

Jon Kabat-Zinn: No, it is not important, it is essential. It is absolutely essential.”

Instructor course

The course covers four weekends (Sat-Sun, 6 hours on both days).

After the course, the instructors can act as instructors of the Master Mindfulness method as they wish. During the training, course participants can organize their own courses no earlier than four weeks (1 month of their own internship) after each weekend. During and after the course, instructors can teach the method freely, without changing the method. Those who drop out of the instructor course are not allowed to use the title Master Mindfulness or teach the teachings further.

The price of the instructor course is €1950. The price includes tuition, written materials and e-mails. The course fee can be paid in full in advance, in two or four installments. There is no discount on the course fee, but if necessary, another payment plan can be discussed.

Graduating as an instructor consists of participating in weekend lessons, completing exercises and supervision there, and teaching the Master Mindfulnesss method to your own groups during the instructor course.

Dates and Application

All sessions are held via Zoom video call. These times are designed for people on European and American continents.

  • Sat-Sun 21.-22.8.2021
  • Sat-Sun 6.-7.11.2021
  • Sat-Sun 5.-6.2.2022
  • Sat-Sun 23.-24.4.2022

This instructor course is taught by Kim Katami, the founder and head teacher of Master Mindfulness method. If you know Kim from before, just send him an email saying that you would like to attend. If you don’t know him, write about yourself and motivations, also include a photo. Kim can be reached at

When you receive an approval from Kim saying that you have been admitted to the course, your place is confirmed. This means that you commit to the full course, including course payments in full or as agreed.